About Us



We are a team striving to be the best for the welfare of our patients. We believe that by working together we will succeed in our mission.


Our mission is to meet the patient’s needs in the community. We believe that maintaining a good relationship with the physician will enable us to better serve patients in the community. We are committed to providing the highest standards in Home Health Service. We assist patients in maintaining their dignity. We ensure a sense of pride in our professionalism, treatment and individualized patient care while making cost effective for the patient.


  • To apply an holistic approach to patient care through multidisciplinary activities and collaboration.
  • To assess the patient’s ability to participate in planning and achievement of immediate and long-term goals. 
  • To provide individual services to each patient, according to their needs and condition. 
  • To serve as the patient’s advocate by preventing violation of their autonomy and rights and by educating and involving them and their families to participate in the plan of care. 
  • To coordinate services given with existing community resources in order to maintain the individual’s independence and privacy at home

Green CrossServing Miami-Dade and Broward counties for the past 14 years, Green Cross Home Care Services, Inc. is known as the compassionate health care staffing agency in Florida that provides compassionate, qualified care to patients suffering from a broad spectrum of medical conditions while at the same time providing employment for health care professionals who meet our criteria and high standards of care.

As a licensed, home health agency in the state of Florida, Green Cross takes pride in being accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). We offer the highest standards of patient care and other related nursing services while maintaining ethical, sound business practices.

Under the management of an experience team of 15 years of home health care , Green Cross Home care services, Inc are utilized health care professionals most suitable for each patient’s needs and overseeing every aspect of their medical care. With a professional base of more than 150 health contractors and 12 full-time employees, Green Cross believes in providing excellent health care during periods when patient’s conditions are compromised and they are unable to fulfill activities necessary for daily living. We also believe in providing compassionate care designed to promote dignity and as much independence as possible for each of our patients.

Our services are tailored to ensure holistic, family-centered ,skilled care based on mutual trust and respect. With our focus on recovery from disease or injury, promotion of health and coping with the physical and emotional effects of these experiences, Green Gross approaches each patient as an individual worthy of the highest level of professional nursing care is provided to each patient without prejudice of physical or emotional health, age, economic stature, race, cultural background or spiritual beliefs.