Green Cross Home Care Services

Green CrossNursing Care

Our in-home nursing care services are provided by RN’s and LPN’s with training and experience in providing every level of in-home patient care. Green Cross believes in frequent and open communication between staff and physician to ensure a constantly updated care plan for each patient. Services may include:

  • Evaluations of Patient Needs
  • Coordination of patients care service
  • Patient/family education, diabetic care
  • Self care training and prevention strategy training.
  • Skilled Procedures: Wound care, Wound Vac Pac System, Ostomy teaching/care
  • Enteral/parenteral instruction and care
  • IV antibiotic administration, Injections, pain management and hydration therapy, blood products infusion and chemotherapy
  • Central line care – (CVP, PIC line Port o Cath, Hickman, Hickman Cath, Broviac Cath, Groshong catheters)
  • Foley catheters, Bowel and Bladder training
  • Respiratory Care (Oxygen therapy, ventilator Care, Tracheostomy Care)
  • Patient Education [inclusive of family members and caregivers on all aspects of condition]
  • Teaching ADL”S, Diet teaching, medication administration
  • Teaching safety and infection control and other physician ordered services.

Home Health Aides

Green CrossWorking under the supervision of a registered nurse and a licensed therapist, the Home Health Aide Services provided by Green Cross Home Care Services, Inc. ensure dignified in-home care with the help of experienced and trained aides. Care is assigned on intermittent basis, specifically designed to meet the patient’s personal care needs. Care plans are based on evaluations and designed and planned together by the patient and/or family and the nursing team. Typical duties are inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Bathing
  • Shampooing Hair
  • Changing Bed Linen
  • Feeding
  • General Assistance with Daily Living

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists provide strengthening and coordination exercises, pain control and other therapeutic treatments.

  • Assessment
  • Therapeutic exercise, gait training, range of motion, hot packs
  • Patient/caregiver teaching, monitoring
  • Safety and infection control

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists are available for rehabilitation of the upper extremities. They help patients relearn the skills needed to perform activities of daily living.

  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Patient/caregiver teaching independent living/daily living skills(ADL training)
  • Muscle reeducation, perpetual motor training, fine motor coordination
  • Neuro-development treatment, sensory treatment, orthotics/splinting, adaptive equipment( fabrication and training), safety and infection control.

Respiratory Therapy

Our respiratory therapists deliver respiratory care and therapeutic treatments to patients who have respiratory and cardiopulmonary disorders.

  • Assessment
  • Oxygen therapy, ventilation, apnea monitor
  • Patient/caregiver teaching, monitoring
  • Safety and infection control

Medical Social Services

Our qualified Medical Social Workers provide compassionate Social Services including:

  • Short-term counseling services
  • Referral to and coordination with community resources
  • Assistance with living arrangements as well as finances and long-term planning


Medical supplies and therapy services necessary for a patient’s care plan must be coordinated with the home health agency while patients are receiving Medicare covered home health services. Patients choosing to arrange for supplies and therapy services on their own will neither be reimbursed by Medicare or other suppliers.

Home Medical Equipment

Unlike medical supplies and therapy services, home medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, etc. are covered separately and may be supplied by the medical supply company of the patient’s choice. We refer patients and family to Home Medical Supplies.